Is this the good news we're waiting for?


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Sep 16, 2006
We recently sent in a Request for Rebutal to DODMERB for a waiverable DQ. Today's check of their website found the following comment at the top of the list:

Correspondence - Multi-Service Disqualification Removal - Waived: 12/28/2006

Now the letter we sent in was two or more weeks ago so the 12/28 date is obviously a recent "decision" (i.e. not the date they got the paperwork) but which decision is it? I.e., did they give us the Waiver(s) OR did they negatively waive our request of the DQ????????? Augghhh - which is it - we don't know whether or celebrate or cry!

This information was posted when my son's medical waiver was approved for his Army ROTC Scholarship. He has also applied to USMA, so I believe that is why it said "multi-service". He received that information in November, but we are still waiting to hear about the waiver for USMA. You will probably be receiving a letter in the mail from DODMERB confirming this information.
Yay. And good timing too - we just got a double Nomination

to the AF and USNA from our congressman! So with the AF waiver, and hopefully a Naval one also (that one is still not officially showing up on DODMERB or USNA sites) we're looking good!