It might be crazy to ask...


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Feb 26, 2008
I was just wondering... if one would like to stay at the Academy over Thanksgiving or Spring Break, is that possible? I can't imagine it's common if it is possible, but it was something I was wondering about.
Yes, you can. You have to fill out some simple paperwork (like just one page), but you can. More people than you think actually stay in the Hall during breaks.

For one, you have your restrictees. Next, you have some varsity sports teams that still have games during the break. Finally, you always have some people that stay for other random reasons.
Aside from the reasons already given by Kami, the biggest reason is simply TIME.

Folks that come from Hawaii or Alaska (and even further) often stay for Thanksgiving, for example, because there simply isn't enough time to travel out, back, and still have a meaningful visit.

My Plebe Year roommate was from South Korea. He didn't go home until Christmas, and didn't go home for Spring Break.
It also goes w/o saying that, if you choose to stay at USNA over the break, you will have mucho liberty. The one downside is that you can't wear civvies out in town.

One thing you might consider is staying with your sponsor for some/all of that time. You get a real home, can watch whatever you want on TV, can wear civvies, etc.
And you have to be present for the daily accountability muster every morning (enjoy waking up at 0630 every morning) and TAPS.
You may also have the opportunity to go "home" for a short break with a fellow mid, once you have met some people.