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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by BamaMama, Mar 16, 2015.

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    ... And it’s making us nervous!:benny monkeysmilies: It looks like news (good and bad) are trickling out much more slowly now. Not sure what to think at this point. We do understand the sheer statistics at this point lean much more in likelihood of a TWE than a BFE but hope springs eternal – which is why I need to ask this question: Now that DS’s wrestling season has concluded and his third quarter is about also about to conclude, he has several big accomplishments to add to his resume. At this point, should he contact his RD and ask if he should submit this information? Common sense says that ‘the deadline has passed- all further information is not allowed for this assessment cycle’. However, if he’s going on the waitlist (we don't know yet, we haven't heard anything), could it be useful? (I have NO CLUE!) Furthermore, DS said he’d feel pretty silly to bother his RD at this very busy time just to check the mail later that day and find something in the mailbox. I understand his reluctance and wanted to ask for any advice. Thanks for any and all help!:thumb:
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    Not sure about the USNA, but the letter that showed up in my DS's portal for the USMA stated that they would accept updates until the end of February.
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    DS was a NAPS wait lister last year. When he received his letter, it said that he could add information to his file. Like your son, he had accomplishments from winter and spring sports. So if you get wait listed, you should be able to add things, otherwise he is probably unable to.
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    IMHO, it's worth a try for sure! ;) I updated my USNA and USAFA files multiple times (although not after February). RD may say no, but he might also say yes, which could end up giving your son a significant advantage at the next admissions board meeting.

    An even better idea would be to call your BGO first. He/she would be able to tell you whether or not you can still submit updates.

    Best of luck to you! :thumb: I hope the BFE arrives soon!
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    @BamaMama, My admissions counselor told me that I couldn't add anything else for the USNA, even though on Feb 6, (7 days after the deadline) I had just won a Brigade Jrotc Drill Competition and am going to the Nationals in Kentucky. I'm sure your DS has plenty of accomplishments to support his admissions decision. I'm still in the hunt for the BFE, so I feel his pain... None the less, good luck! Hopefully, your son and I will see each other on I Day!
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    emailed my RD on the 9th and told her about reviving my Eagle Scout and my pilots licence. She updated my application on the 11th so it depends on your RD

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