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Jobs after the air force

Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by akhan1104, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. akhan1104

    akhan1104 New Member

    Aug 1, 2014
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    Hey so I'm currently a sophomore and I'm planing to do the minimum active duty commitment. The whole reason I wanted to become an officer in the air force was because I "heard the call", it was something different from what my peers are doing and that it would make me a better leader. There are other things I want to do in life and when I'm in my late 20s I want to go back and get a job with a defense company (I'm an aerospace engineer).

    Are there any grads who have done the same thing here? Has anyone gone back to grad school (not AFIT, a civilian school)? A starting salary for an AE major is ~65 K, would a former AF officer get a higher salary, a management position?

    I'm looking way down the road but any input is appreciated.
  2. fencersmother

    fencersmother 5-Year Member Founding Member

    Oct 10, 2007
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    A soph... high school? college? You already have a degree in AeroE?

    Need clarification, please.

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