Junior in high school- when to start?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by NamD, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Hello community,
    I just recently decided to start my AROTC scholarship in case the Academy's dont accept me. Where do I begin and when should i begin? what is the process like? I currently have all of the online paperwork but do not know what to do at this point..
    Thank you for your help!
    I'll try and be more attentive in my research on this topic...
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    I'm in the same position as you!
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    If the online application is now open for entering college Fall 2012, then start your application now. The first step is to fill out the online application and follow all directions for transcripts, test scores, etc etc etc.

    I do not have my son's file with me, so i do not remember the enitire step by step process, but it takes awhile to finish everything. It'll go something like this;

    online application, including essay
    submit sat, act scores (take the next test date if you haven't tested yet, and then register for first fall date)
    send in Transcript at end of junior year with counselor recommendation sheet
    (You will want to arrange a visit with counselor/registrar from your school to get this filled out....usually you have to wait until the current grads get their records sent off to colleges. But talk to counselor now and try to get this figured out as to when you can get this done.)
    They send a request for height and weight from the school nurse.
    it is very nice to get this completed during the summer, before the rush of applicants submit their applications.

    Keep track of your paperwork! Son would fedex all required paperwork to assure delivery.

    Since you are beginning to fill out applications, you could also look at your school choices and find out when they accept apps. if the school is on a rolling admissions system, you may have a college acceptance and AROTC scholarship wrapped up by Fall.

    Good luck!!!
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    Here you go boys and girls...start here


    There are some other articles on the blog that pertain to the scholarship process.


    The window is currently open for high school juniors to start the process. Don't be in too much of a hurry, because you want to make sure you get all your credentials into the record. By the end of the summer you should have your short list of school, and have done your interview at one of your schools of choice. Keep reading and asking questions here, and best of luck with the process.
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    Well you should begin by going Navy :)
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    Waita go, P-Flying17!!! :thumb::thumb::smile::smile:

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