Just got VMI offer of appointment...now what


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Jan 22, 2009
Hey everyone this is my first post in this forum so let me give you a little back story. I go to Old Dominion University in VA and I decided I wanted to join the Marine Corps as an officer so I applied to VMI. I didnt think I had a chance to get in but now im sitting here looking at an offer of appointment from VMI. VMI said they be sending me more info on how to accept the offer but all I've gotten so far is a catalog. Can any current students or fellow acceptees give me any hints.
same here.

Don't worry about it, after you get your appointment to VMI you'll have to wait approximately a week to get the other applications (medical forms, physical forms, etc)

Good luck to you :thumb:
First off congratulations Tedward212. I too am applying to VMI among a few others as a transfer student applicant. By any chance could you tell me roughly when your complete packet was received by the school? I'm just curious to see as to how long it took for them to get back to you.
I got my offer of appointment this tuesday but im not sure exactly when I applied. But I remember it was in late November or early December. i also applied online though im not sure if that affected how fast my reply came.