just put me out of my misery right now


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Jan 29, 2008
omg! i'm dying of embarrassment!!!!!:redface:

i forbid my parents from talking too much to the schools so that it can all be my decision and i can do this myself- i never thought i would need to warn anyone esle off- who else would think to mess in my college decision? :confused:

and then my AUNT decides that because she is a professor at boston college, therefore she is somehow qualified :confused::confused::confused: to become involved in my college selection process and...

NO! :unhappy: NO! :unhappy: NO! :unhappy:

she calls the admission counselor in each of my schools and quizzes them! apparently at one of my colleges, my top choice, she asked if i was going to be tortured at the school by the older students. not only that, but it was apparently my grandparents, who hate the idea of me doing a military thing, that put her up to it. so in 1hr of conversation with each of these admission counselors, i'm sure they now think i'm a total wimp of a girl likely to wilt under any pressure- and definitely not the sort of girl that would survive even a week at a military school. OMG! OMG!!!!!! i won't be able to face any of these admission counselors again! they're going to think i am such a baby!

just put me out of my misery right now. :blowup:
Maybe you need to call and talk to them now, and rectify the situation.
don't sweat it

I am a department head at a large public university in the Midwest (Purdue) and trust me, this happens more often than you think. And (unless the kid acts like a jerk to us as well), we don't figure this kind of stuff reflects on the students. We just figure it is another case of "helicopter" parents, or in your case "helicopter aunt". :smile:

So don't be embarrassed..........your aunt should be, but you don't have any reason to. If you think it might happen again, you might mention it to her and ask her not to do this again, but if you think it was a one-time occurence, just let it go.

And from our side, we never give out information or talk about you to others on the phone. She doesn't have the right to any information, and anymore we don't even know for sure who it is that is calling.

so don't sweat it....they don't think you are a baby....I don't have any idea what they think of your aunt, but they shouldn't think any less highly of you.:shake: