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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Kensy, Jul 26, 2015.

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    I am currently enrolled in AFROTC and going in as a freshmen in Embry Riddle. These are my questions.
    1. How should I get ready for zero week or orientation?
    2. What is the percentage for the commissioning part in my school?
    3. Where do most AFROTC grads go as in a career field compared to a West point student?
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    1. Workout. Be in shape. Know what the PT test consists of and make sure you are up to standards. Keep you eyes and ears open and mouth shut.
    2. Not sure what you are asking. Good questions for your cadre.
    3. And comparing AFROTC to West Point is comparing apples to oranges. AFROTC vs. USAFA is more accurate. Opportunities are the same. The process is a slightly different.
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    DS goes there, the DB campus? Get ready to do a lot of paper work at NSOP (New Student Orientation Program). All you can do is start working out, right now.

    The detachment there boasts higher than average rated selection rates. I think this year they were just short of the national EA average, but they have a very large class. In fact it is the largest AFROTC det in the nation that isn't part of a military academy so overall they commission more officers than the average det.

    Understand that AFROTC and West Point, besides two totally different commissioning programs are also for different branches. A big theme for AFROTC cadets who aren't rated selects is space/missiles and cyberspace but your degree will matter.
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    1. Make sure that form is right. No shortcuts. Add in some butterfly kicks for extra fun.
    2. ERAU as stated by Derek is a very large unit. Number wise it is high, statistically it is around the avg.
    ~ You are placing the cart before the horse in this question. The question should be statistically how many are selected for Summer Field Training (SFT aka EA) compared to the national level with my intended major and going either rated or non-rated.
    ~~ Honestly, does it really matter? You are already matriculating.
    3. I agree with others that this is not a realistic comparison. The career fields are totally different, even if you look at rated. Rated AF your chances of rotor is low, fixed is high. Army fixed is low, rotor is high. Army RPA pilots are enlisted. AF RPAs are officers. Different type of drones(size/mission).

    If you intend to go non-rated you could go Maintenance, Intel, cyberspace, Comm, Finance, etc. Really it can be all over the place based on the needs of the AF and sometimes your major.

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