Just Submitted Application


Dec 20, 2016
I finished the last portion of my USNA application a couple days ago and currently have the "Pending for Review" status. I'm curious if anyone knows if I might have hindered my chances by submitting the application so late. I know sooner is better, but is submitting in January a HUGE difference than submitting in say, October? I live in northern Virginia so it's pretty competitive, but I haven't seen many appointments being handed out for Virginia yet. If anyone has any advice or previous experience with this and would like to let me know I'd really appreciate it.

This is not the first time the SA has selected a class and they know the application deadline is January 31. They know how to manage their early appointments. So, it will not be a huge hinderance. Most of the appointments will be made in February.

The Class of 2020 Appointment thread http://www.serviceacademyforums.com...of-2020-usna-appointment-thread.46706/page-45 had 128 reports. Of those 119 had dates. I used LOA date as the appointment date, and base on that data, here is the distribution of when LOA/Appointments were made.

Date -- # - - %
Sep - - 5 - - 4%
Oct - - 6 - - 5%
Nov - - 2 - - 2%
Dec - - 19 - - 16%
Jan - - 31 - - 26%
Feb - - 36 - - 30%
Mar - - 17 - - 14%
Apr - - 2 - - 2%
May - - 1 - - 1%
Late January to early February is when the bulk of the appointments will come out.
As long as you have submitted your nomination packets to the MOCs on time, completing your packet now will not hinder your application. You must have a nomination. The bulk of appointments are made after the overall deadline. I am not 100% positive for USNA but the end of February is USMA and I would guess the dates are all very similar. Even if you completed your packet in the fall, you are still allowed to continue updates. The appointment thread provides very little useful information because it only accounts for 10% of the class and the sample is not a true representation of the population of appointments. Individuals on the forum are mostly above the mean.

Good luck in your chances and keep working on Plan B & C