KaMiKaZi; Welcome Aboard


Jun 15, 2006
Welcome aboard. It is great having an upper class midshipman on board who is willing to put a different perspective on things than that to which we are normally accustomed.

If I am not being too forward, could you tell us a little about yourself such as your major and your career aspirations?

Again, welcome aboard and thanks for sharing your valuable time.:thumb:
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Thank you USNA69. I would have introduced myself earlier, but it seemed that no one used this forum and I didn't want to be the first post!

Anyways, as you can tell from my avatar, I'm a 2/C MIDN. Hailing from SoCal, I graduated high school in 2004 and went straight to the Academy as a member of the Class of 2008.

I'm a System Engineering Major. For extracurrilar activities, I participate in company intramurals along with other various clubs. As for service selection asperations, I am currently consider SWO, Navy NFO, and Marine Ground in that order. I hope to narrow these choices down over the next few months as each selection has pros and cons in my mind.

My summer training has taken me to San Diego (that was actually a vacation rather than training) on a ship, sub, and helo squadron, and Quantico (with the Marines, Rah). On the note of summer training, I'm going to be on second set Plebe Summer Cadre, so as Plebe Parent's Weekend approaches, I will be able to provide up to date information for all the parents of '11 out there.

On a side note, my younger brother is a member of a USNA '09.

If there is anything more you would to know, just let me know! Chances are I've done it, seen it done, or know someone who has.
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I'm from the IE, Riverside County to be more specific.

Yes, by SWO, I mean surface warfare. Special Warfare (EOD) is generally refered to as Spec War.
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A huge welcome to Kamikazi. Nice to see another Mid here providing such great information. Congrats on nearing the end of 2c year. I know your time is probably pretty precious and I know the soon-to-be Plebes & their parents will appreciate any bone you can throw their way. On a lighter note, have you had that pet mouse yet? :shake: