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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Pima, Mar 9, 2011.

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    Let me state first off this is for a friend, and they are looking for an IS scholarship, thus, right now they are not in the system.

    The child in question just had a knee surgery and wants to go AF, specifically flying.

    The parents fear that they will not be able to get a waiver.

    Is there an up down decision for knee reconstruction surgery?

    Does it require waivers?

    If so, do you have 2 levels? I.E. flying and non-flying?

    Again, this is not an issue they can just send their last 4 digs to look into their record since they have yet to go through DodMERB.
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    I'm no expert, and of course every case is different but here's something that may be of help: My cousin was appointed to USAFA a few years ago, and he had a serious knee injury playing high school football. He had surgery on it, and eventually recovered from the injury. I assume he was either not DQ'd or received some waiver for it.
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    PIMA - The correct answer is have them email me directly with the details of their issue. The generalities of what's stated below is unanswerable. I can assist better if they email me directly:thumb:

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