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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by laxman30, Jul 23, 2012.

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    I might have runner's knee in my right knee. It cracks once in a while, but it doesn't cause pain, and it doesn't limit my activity. I run about 10 miles a week, and I'm active in sports. I've been to a specialist, but he only said that there is some irritation, and it'll improve on its own. He didn't actually say that it was "runner's knee".

    Apparently, it is a disqualifying condition, but it seems like it could be waiverable if it's not serious. I've already enrolled in Army ROTC, and I don't think it'll cause my knee any problems.

    If it isn't explicitly documented in my medical records, could it still cause a problem with DODMERB?

    Has anybody had experience with this kind of issue before? Could this be a condition that DODMERB would grant a waiver for?
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    Who said that "Apparently" it is a disqualification condition? You yourself said it isn't specifically in your medical records. This is real simple.

    1. Take your DODMRB physical. If you pass; GREAT. Move on. If you fail; see #2

    2. They submit a waiver to the appropriate academy/rotc for the condition, with their professional medical opinion and recommendation.

    3. You receive a waiver; or you don't.

    But neither #2 or #3 apply if you pass the DODMRB. And there isn't one person here or any place else that can tell you if you will pass. Now; if you walk into the physical and mention every time you sneezed; coughed; fell; got a cut; twisted your ankle; etc...; then that's your business. Me personally; I tell people to answer the medical profile paperwork honestly the way it is written. Don't read into it. Don't pretend you know what they want. Then; the rest is up to the physician to find out. Sort of like getting pulled over by a policeman. S/He is there because of that incident. You don't spill your guts to him/her about all the traffic light and stop signs you went through in your life.

    Just take your physical and wait to see what they find. if they don't find anything wrong with your knee, then move on. If they do; then worry about them processing the waiver. Until then; don't worry about it. And again; no one here can tell you if it's disqualifying. VERY FEW THINGS are guaranteed to be disqualifying. Too many variables.

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