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Nov 25, 2007
I know I have said a few things about Kings Point, all in fun, but I hope you understand that in the end, I believe the US Merchant Marine Academy is a fine institution, and if I had a kid (and I will not for a long time), I would be very happy to have him go to any of the academies, if he/she wanted to.

That being said, I found this website, a radio talk show hosted by a Kings Point grad. At first I didn't know how to take it, but after I looked over it for awhile, I had a this someone the alumni would want to distance themselves from. I personally don't appreciate the "fascist Coast Guard" part of it. Anyone know this guy, know of him? Any thoughts?
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Never heard of him, and I'm a bit of a talk-radio junkie.

That said, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and painting an organization with a broad brush based upon the political positions of one or more graduates is a dangerous thing.

For example, if one were to take Jimmy Carter, Ross Perot, and John McCain as examples of the typical USNA graduate, one would have to wonder how the United States Navy managed to win WWII at all, or how it didn't end up actually fighting FOR the Japanese in the process.

It is a sad fact that incompetence sometimes DOES rise to the top (seen our government lately? Pick a branch! ANY branch!)

I'll be perusing that guy's website later. I will admit that, at first glance, he seems to want to use KP a bit too much to establish his credibility. I also am immediately suspicious of his claim to be an "expert" in the U.S. Merchant Marine. The term "expert" is thrown around way too much these days.
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I moved this thread to Off-Topic because I believe it is more appropriate here. I also edited the title a bit. I hope you'll understand.

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I think it was fine to move it, and change the title a bit.

I orginally found this website after looking at my classmate's website, that classmate who did not graduate with me, and was the first cadet to be Court-Martialed in CGA's 130 year history.

The guy posted on my classmate's website asking for a radio interview. He doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of the US Coast Guard, as can be seen after you google his name. I guess he hopes that my classmate will trash the Coast Guard and the Academy, and I'm sure he will. He will comment endlessly that the Coast Guard Academy is a racist organization, and quote cadets who were in the square root club who needed to find someone else to blame for their problems. Of course the Academy can't comment on that because of privacy laws.
I saw some snipets here & there about this guy but don't know much about him. On his website, did you guys see the court case? You can click on the pages & read some of it. It was the CG vs. Shine. They wanted a mental examination performed of Mr. Shine, ect. Seems to be a little bizarre to say the least.....
I think that's where his obvious dislike of the Coast Guard comes from.

Zaphod, I also listen to talk radio, on XM 166. Laura Ingraham, G. Gordon Liddy, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rusty Humphries, and Mike Reagan. I may be listening this weekend, as I make the long drive to Rhode Island tomorrow.
I've run across this guy's website a few times looking for various things. I think his claim to be a radio talk host is a bit exageration. His video seems to be some sort of reel to send to people to try and get him a job as a television/radio personality. I have no idea what his background at KP was, in fact I think I tried to look him up at one time and I can't remember the results of that. Anyway, I vote that his elevator doesn't go to the top floor.
Ah, I figured he was just using his title. I doubt he's still a lieutenant. I do wonder what happened with his case. If you google his name, seems like there's a lot of people (read hippies) that think he was done wrong.

I agree though, the elevator doesn't reach the penthouse.
Ah, one step above listening to those people, I've called into G. Gordon Liddy, Mark Levin, Mike Reagan and Rusty Humphries, and Mark Levin sent me a signed copy of his dog lovers book "Rescuing Sprite" after I called in with a story of a Schnauzer on a ship that knew how to salute for food.

I've called into Sean Hannity, but each time they were screening for liberal callers (I assume to get the heated discussions up), and I am no liberal caller.
Someone at did a little investigative work, Eric Shine is no longer part of the Navy or the Naval Reserve.