KP Mid in this issue of Proceedings Magazine


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Jun 9, 2006
MID-ATLANTIC MIDSHIPMAN FIRST CLASS JAMES C. BILLINGS, III has just had an article published in the August 2008 issue of Proceedings Magazine, a publication of the U.S. Naval Institute

To read the article, please see link within the Parent's Assoc. website:

This article is awesome for those wishing to know more of what KP Mids are all about during Sea Year & beyond. Well done MIDN Billings!! :thumb:
I concur, a great article about a great place. :thumb:

KP Mids are an awesome group, I wish them success in everything they do, execpt on a certain early Fall Saturday. :wink:
Great PR for the USMMA. What an awesome school! The article is well written and informative. :thumb:
Luigi59 - I believe! Don't be tryin' to burst my bubble this early. :biggrin: I'll fly the KP flag today in your honor.
He may as well be my son. I think the 50 bucks I offered once stood good cause I haven't heard otherwise. Besides... too many people claim yours. I'd have to fight Granny for him & just so you freaking way! :biggrin:

Think I'll just have to wait for the "other" published author to come on with it & I'll be posting again. I WILL look good wearing Coastie orange. I WILL look good wearing Coastie orange. I WILL look good wearing Coastie orange. Just sayin' is all. I feel sure I can get them to change that awful color.
Nice Read

Good to see an article from a Midshipman in Proceedings. It took me nearly eight years to get published and he does it before graduation... BZ

Proceedings is the most well read professional publication within the Navy - so his article is a welcome reminder to our sister sea services leadership that the US Merchant Marine is still alive and contributing to the war efforts - and by default, our Academy.

As a career naval officer I am amazed at how little the active duty community knows about the Merchant Marine or the Academy. Everyone in he Navy knows about the Military Sealift Command but few have any idea how the ships we see everyday bringing us our food, weapons, fuel and supplies are manned or trained.

I hope that this article serves as motivation for other Kings Pointers (midshipmen or alumni) to contribute to this publication.

Nice work.