Kudo's to the "Mids" of USMMA in Arizona!

Discussion in 'Merchant Marine Academy - USMMA' started by flieger83, Dec 30, 2012.

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    For those of you that weren't there (most of you since you're not here in Arizona) I wanted to SHOUT out a "Bravo Zulu" to the Mid's of USMMA that were at the Arizona "All Academy's Military Ball" last night!

    There were only 8 if I counted correctly, but amidst over 40 West Point cadets (the USMA Parents club hosted this event for 400+ cadets,mids, families and guests) and the approximately 40 USAFA/USNA cadets/mid's and the lone USCGA cadet...

    They did Kings Point PROUD! They looked sharp, were perfect ladies and gentlemen, and they taught a LOT of folks that Kings Point is a service academy of high esteem and they really spread the word!!

    Later in the evening, I know many folks spoke to me (USAFA grad, USAF officer) and we always ended up discussing "those midshipmen from Kings Point...Colonel...what do you know about them?"

    To which I could honestly say: "A LOT! I have the honor to be a moderator on a forum...and I've been heavily educated by USMMA folks here as well as by a young man that's in his second year at KP...and he's kept me up to speed!"

    So my heartiest "Congratulations!!" To those fine young men and women in attendance last night.

    They did "Kings Point", the United States Merchant Marine Academy, and the Merchant Service, PROUD! :thumb:

    USAFA '83
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    Always good to hear this about our Mids. They represent KP, themselves and their families and fellow Kings Pointers past and present very well indeed. There is much to be proud of in being a Kings Pointer!

    Happy New Year all!
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