Late Medical Exam


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Jul 21, 2006
Hi!! I'm applying for West Point class of 2011, but I have encountered some problems with the DoDMERB process.
I scheduled my appointments right after I got home from SLS, and had my eye exam in late June. Unfortunately, at the facility where I was scheduled to have the medical/audiologist exams, you need parental consent, and my parents weren't willing to take me to the exam or sign consent. So my mom called in, canceled my appointment, and withdrew me from the application process. I talked to Concorde, and reactivated my "account", and tried to find a new facility to go to, where I didn't need a parent's signature, but had no luck. So the helpful Concorde person called DoD where they discussed my situation and the advice I got was to wait until November 28 (1 week before I turn 18), call Concorde, get the name of a facility to schedule a medical exam with, and go on my own then. In the meantime, my status will be kept as "partially completed" (since I was able to go to an eye exam).
Soooo the question I have is: Is this going to cause a lot of problems? I know that I have been repeatedly told, by many different people, that you want to get these tests over with quickly, and now I am getting it done the complete opposite of quickly!! Is there going to be a serious chance that I am going to have to reapply to the class of 2012 in the event that any problems arise??
And also, I don't know if since this is the DoDMERB board people here would be too knowledgeable about this, but will the fact that I'm getting my tests done so late adversely affect my candidacy at USMA? Or are they completey separate? I am trying to get in touch with admissions there and explain my situation, so I will find out from them, but if anyone else has any type of experience with this or anything, I would like to hear from that side, as well.

Getting the physical exam done in Oct/Nov will not be a problem. The majority of exams are completed between Oct and Jan. Even if there are extra items requested by DoDMERB you will still have more than enough time to get it completed. The admissions process and the medical process are completely seperate. The academy will process your admissions package regardless of what your medical status is, and they can even grant you a conditional acceptance pending clearance of medical. Every year there are a handful of applicants getting their exams as late as March, so getting the physical done in Oct/Nov will not be a problem. Just make sure that you let your admissions counselor know whats going on as well, and make sure that you complete your admissions portion as soon as possible.

It sounds like your parents aren't exactly happy with your choice of schools, which will make this a little more difficult without that support. In my experience the ones that want it the most, will work the hardest to get it, will make the most out of it once they do get it and make some of the best officers out there. I wish you the best, and I'll be here to answer any questions I can for you.
Good job as usual the candidate, I agree this is a tough process to go through without parental support. What are their objections? You may want to post your story on the parents forum elsewhere on this site. I would bet you'd get lots of good advice and support. Good luck!