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    My main goal is to be a carrier-based USMC fixed wing pilot.

    So much does the naval academy look at leadership positions? I go to a military academy, when I graduate I will have been there for 3 years. Next year, I am planning on making 1st Sergeant position and applying for summer seminar, will that help me get into the SS?
    Then my senior year, I will either be a staff position, Company commander, or Battalion XO, Will the academy notice these and give me a higher chance of getting accepted? thanks.
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    Leadership is but one component of your USNA application. The others are academics and athletics. Leadership positions are obviously good; more important is what you actually do in such a position.

    For example, you can be elected Class President. That shows you're popular. You can then do a lot or nothing in that job that demonstrates leadership. Your BGO may well ask what you do (I do). Someone in a much "lesser" position may be much more of a leader.

    So, figure out what you can actually do in each position to lead people -- are you organizing training? Mentoring junior students who have trouble with certain things? Planning and executing projects? Raising funds or increasing membership in something?

    Focus on leading, not on a leadership position.

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