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    So today was our second to last day in my physics class and we had to present our final projects. Long story short, our teacher got mad at my group and the rest of the class for being difficult when it comes to our grades. Our final grades were due today and she seemed pretty stressed out which I think could've contributed to the frustration, however, I don't want to blame her since it was my fault. After leaving the classroom I got nervous as I've had a great relationship with this teacher up until this incident and don't want to leave her classroom on a bad note and she will also be writing my school official evaluation.

    Does anyone have any tips for the last day of school where I will be seeing her for the last time this school year? All suggestions are welcome. Thank you.
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    Perhaps a simple hand written note or card apologizing for whatever "bad behavior" you engaged in, would help. No presents or gifts, just a sincere note of appreciation for her hard work.
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    I'm a high school teacher and when these things crop up, I appreciate the student waiting after all others have left and engaging in a grown up conversation. Maybe that will work.
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    I second Devil Doc. A face-to-face, grown-up conversation should not only repair any issues or misunderstandings, it would show great maturity on your part. Working directly with the teacher to resolve things should go a long way toward a positive evaluation that addresses not only your academic abilities but also your demeanor and character -- not little things in an academy application.
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    I have several relatives who are schoolteachers and they have said they take note an appreciate a student taking the time to write a card, especially if the card is written meaningfully.