Legg Perthes


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Oct 2, 2007
My son had Legg Perthes as a 9 year old. He received agressive treatment and now has full range of motion with no limitations on activities. The disqualification number is D224.10.
I am wondering if any of the disqualifying conditions are not open to appeal. He is a junior this year and is starting on the application trail.
The disqualification is a "History of" disqualification, meaning that if your son had it at any time in his life, he is disqualified regardless of how he is doing now. DoDMERB is black and white in this regard, but the waiver folks have all the grey area they need.

I would go ahead and have your son apply next summer, knowing that he will be medically disqualified. Waivers are given out all the time for different items, and there is no limit to the number of waivers that can be granted.

The next items are just my suggestion, and not a requirement: I would have your son seen by a specialist and have an evaluation done sometime around the beginning of the summer next year. A recent evaluation will give the waiver authorities more information to work with.
Thank you. We are ready to go through the process. Just wasn't sure if this was in a "no chance" category, or if there are any no chance categories.