Letter of Rec and Evaluator Selection Forms


Feb 14, 2017
I am currently looking at my application into the class of 2022 for AFA and on the LOR information pdf it says, "These letters may be from anyone you wish except from the following categories:" then it lists this as one of them, "3) Any teacher, counselor, principal, etc. you have also asked to provide a separate evaluation using the “Evaluator Selection Form” on your portal."

My question: My English teacher can only fill out an evaluator form? I had already emailed my teacher about writing me a LOR and so should I now clarify and say ask them to fill this form out rather than write a LOR? I had friends tell me that teachers can fill out both and so this confuses me. Is this new or has this always been a rule?
You are correct that you can not ask for an additional LOR from the same English, Math and Other Evaluator you listed in the "Evaluator Selection Form" and it can't be a family member. There is a letter you print out and send to those teachers with instructions on filling in and submitting the form. I would just clarify when you give them this letter that USAFA requires a form vs an actual letter. You can still pick a teacher for the additional LOR's, just as long as it is different teachers.

You may getting confused with the LOR's you will need to submit for your Members of Congress Nomination packages. You can have the same teachers write those and fill out USAFA's form.