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    So I was just wondering how I submit my letters of recommendation. I know I have the teachers submit them online for the academies, but I'm using the same 3 teachers of usafa, usna, and all my appointment applications. How do I have the teachers send them to all these places at the same time? Can they mail it? Or do they have to send it to me and then I do it? Thanks!
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    Just follow the directions for each academy/nomination application. If you have someone filling out mulitple evaluations or writing multiple letters, make sure you let them know how awesome they are.

    I know when I asked one person to write a letter for three nomination applications and USAFA, he just changed the elements of the letters necessary (headings, etc) and sent them to the appropriate sources.
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    DS typed up a sheet for each teacher outlining what type of recommendation each needed and how they would get there...for example: USNA will send a link and teacher will fill it out and send it back. For MOC, a printed "traditional" letter that the teacher would leave at the office for DS to pick up and mail it in with his application, etc.

    This a lot to ask of specific teachers, making it clear for them helps. All of his teachers thought this was helpful as they had a lot on their plate at the end of the year.

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