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    When are the three letters of recommendation for the application to the Academy (obviously not MOC's :rolleyes:) due? I understand that they are optional and that my application must be completed by the end of the month - which it is, but then I am also aware that the academy will accept updated test scores and information until the final board review. I would also like to make updates to my candidate activities form because I recently won an award at my school. How would I go about doing that because I know that it must be certified by my counselor, but if my certificate is signed by a school official can I simply make a copy of it and mail it in with my letters of recommendation? Thank you!
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    You have TWO great resources at your disposal to update ANYTHING you wish to update and in a very timely manner: your ALO and your USAFA counselor.

    I know, it seems sometimes that they're not available, but they are.

    Send EVERYTHING in an e-mail to both...ask that your file be updated. I'd call the ALO and explain exactly what you just wrote here...they'll be able to help you with this VERY easily!

    As for certificates, etc. If you can scan them into a PDF, do it and e-mail it. The "hard copy" can be sent up IF the counselor deems it necessary. Somethings are not required...they'll tell you. Off hand I know that transcripts, SAT/ACT scores...those types of things, ARE required to be "certified" etc. Awards, etc...not so much BUT...it's never a bad thing to ask.

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