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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by usmahopefulnc, May 17, 2015.

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    I am deciding on who to ask for letters of recommendation and I'm a little torn. Does the position of the writer have an impact? I am considering asking my assistant varsity baseball coach for one, as I feel he knows me better and would write a better letter. Would ROTC find it weird that it's not from head varsity coach?
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    I chose people that I felt knew me best. Accordingly, I asked the junior of my two JROTC instructors to write my letter instead of my senior instructor. I don't think an ROTC board would read into a letter coming from an assistant coach vice the head coach too much because they require these letters to get a better feel of who is it they are considering for accession to their program, not to see how much "political clout" (for a lack of a better expression) you have. If the head coach couldn't communicate who you are on paper as effectively as the assistant coach then by all means ask the assistant coach if you feel he could do a better job.
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    What branch you applying for...Army ROTC does not ask for LORs.

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