Letters of Recommendation


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Jul 8, 2017
Hi, I am currently in the middle of applying to USMA and USAFA. For USMA, I read through the Application Instructions Booklet, as well as looked on the Candidate portal, and there doesn't seem to be any indication that you are required to submit letters of recommendation, unlike with the USAFA and the Congressional nominations. Does West Point only go off of SOEs or am I missing something as far as a requirement for LORs?
No LORs needed for West Point. You can send them in if you like. They will be put in your file, but RCs have said in the past that they are of little to no significance.
You WILL need them for MOC nomination process so don't let it slide.

Every MOC has their own guidelines and requirements but some of the best LORs come from folks who really know the candidate vs a distant connection with prestigious title etc.

As ex: DS used LOR from his little league coach of 6 seasons; received multiple noms and 2 SA appts.

Our MOC liason said they would rather see this than a boilerplate letter from a company president etc. who doesn't really know you that well.