Likeliness of getting a waiver


Jun 12, 2017
I pulled up a DQ for asthma after 13 because I have an inhaler prescribed to me which I haven't used since age 12. I know that to get a waiver you have to be competitive. I was invited to and will attend the coming up CVW. Since I was invited does that mean I am deemed competitive and have a decent shot of securing a waiver? My doctor even made a note saying I hadn't had asthma like symptoms since 12 and that I'm active physically and hike at super high elevations. I'm sure this is a common DQ, but how likely is it to secure a waiver for this?
OP -- to be perfectly honest, nobody knows and its not worth speculating what that means. Every medical condition is fact specific, and one persons waiver is anothers disqual. Generally, CVW invitations are made to competitive candidates, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the person making the invitation has any knowledge of the specifics of your medical status or likelihood of a waiver. If anything, take comfort that Admissions thinks you are competitive enough to offer a CVW.
Whether you will get a waiver essentially turns on whether you have adult (post age 13) asthma (or could have it). If you do, chances of a waiver are very small. If you don't, they're a lot better. It's a medical determination and DODMERB/USNA will tell you what information they want and what, if any, tests they want you to take to make that determination.