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    DD is recruited athlete and was just recently was offered an LOA. She has also received a competitive nomination from her congressman. She is qualified medically, academically and physically as well. We are assuming an appointment will occur.

    My question is this. If DD receives an appointment,does her appointment count against our congressman's slate or not since she received an LOA for sports? If not, who would her appointment be charged to? Could a congressman have more than 5 appointments at the academy at once assuming some of his nominees were recruited athletes with LOAs?
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    The answer is no one knows outside the Admissions office who the appointment gets "charged" to. Additionally, since the terms of an LOA are to meet any remaining admission requirements (i.e. medical, CFA, nomination -- as applicable), I wouldn't really worry about the details of how some of "magic" works behind the scenes. LOA + successful completion of remaining requirements = appointment.
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    I don't mean to sound flippant, but what do you really care? The academy will figure this out. They always do. They have a lot of creative ways to get those they want. If your daughter has an LOA and is qualified in every respect, she'll get an appointment ... from somewhere ... somehow. It will happen.

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