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    I have read many threads on this topic .......however there is not a crisp answer to this question, that i have been able to find.......

    (1) is there any special processing or considerations that occurs with loa candidates for moc (congressman/woman) or senators nominations..... That does not occur with non-loa candidates?

    (2) are loa candidates charged against moc and/or senator nomination allotments.......for example: If a congressman has nominated three loa candidates and seven non-loa candidates.......are the three loa candidates a zero, one or three nomination charge against the congressman's ten nomination allotment to the academy?

    (3) lastly, does anyone know of a real life example, and just not just specualtion, where a candidate got a loa but not a nomination.....and hence the candidate did not get an appointment to the academy.....

    Thanks in advance with help on the three points above......

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    It's up to the individual MOC. They aren't required to give an LOA recipient any special consideration. Some do, some don't. Some like to know that, if they give an LOA recipient a nom, that person will get an appointment (assuming medical and CFA are OK). Others may not care either way.

    It's a complicated question. USNA decides to whom to allocate appointments. If you have an LOA and get a nom, you're guaranteed an appointment. Whether that appt is charged to a particular MOC or another source is up to USNA. Obviously, a MOC can't be charged with more candidates than he has vacancies. Each MOC can only have 5 mids at USNA at any one time. Generally, each MOC has one vacancy each year (sometimes may have 2; rare to have more). Thus, if the MOC nominates 10 people for one vacancy and 3 of those 10 have LOAs, one would probably be assigned to that MOC and the others to another nominating source. However, it's possible that all 3 could be charged to another source (for example, if the MOC has a principal nom and that individual did not receive an LOA). Bottom line: reason you haven't received a "crisp" answer is that there isn't one. It really depends.

    USNA Admissions stated to BGOs that it has happened. Given that there are about 3500 BGOs, most of whom don't post on this site, you may not find someone who has an actual example.

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