LOA with Asthma DQ


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Mar 9, 2008
I had recently received a letter of assurance from USNA telling me that i would be accepted if i could get my medical straightened out. Dodmerb wanted me to send all my medical records from age 10 so i did that. I was disqualified for "Asthma/reactive airway disease/exercise induced bronchospasm after age 13." I'm 18 years old now and i run almost 2 miles a day and play ice hockey for two teams. There is hardly a day that i am not running or skating. For many years i've been doing this and stopped taking any asthma med's a long time ago. What are my chances that i can get a waiver for this since i have a LOA and since asthma doesn't bother me at all? (i personally think i grew out of it) Any advice or help would be great.
Feel free to review any of the many, many, many posts concerning asthma that are in the DoDMERB section. Just do a search for asthma and you will be flooded with information. All my answers stay the same and never change.

DoDMERB is not able to look at how you are doing now. You have been diagnosed with asthma after your 13th birthday. DoDMERB has to disqualify you. The waiver authorities can take a broader view and review your complete medical history to make the waiver decision.

As to whether you will get a waiver or not, it really depends on how long you've been off the medication, and when the last prescription was refilled.

I suggest that everyone who gets a disqualification write a letter to the waiver authorities explaining their situation. All letters should be sent to DoDMERB. Feel free to do some research about what should go into the letters.

Once you've done your research, if you have any other questions please feel free to ask away.