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Feb 12, 2008
If you get a primary nomination. Is the academy forced to give you a LOA or an appointment?
If you obtain a principal nomination AND are fully qualified (medically, physically, and academically), USNA must offer you an appointment.

If you have an LOA, are qualified medically and physically, and you receive a nomination, you must be offered an appointment.
That's what I thought, I was DQ from DodMerb for vision so I need a medical waiver. Got a LOA from USNA!
distant visual acuity not correctable in each eye and anisometopia in excess of 3.5 diopters
I'll tell you what. Having an LOA and being medically disqualified feels terrible. I've been in that situation since November. It would have been over a few weeks ago, but my doctor did not submit his evaluation before they reviewed my waiver. Just hang in there teddy.