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Aug 23, 2006
Well, this forum has been so helpful through this process that I wanted to share that my son received an LOA from USMA. He still hasn't received his medical waiver, so that is why it was an LOA. He has already received a waiver for Army ROTC scholarship, so we are hoping that USMA will do the same. He already has a Presidential nomination, so the waiver is the last piece.

The other good news is that he has just been accepted to Norwich, which is his first choice if the waiver doesn't work out with USMA.

Thanks for all of the help! I don't know what I would have done without this forum.
:thumb: Ya'll are the best!
Woo Hoo!! Congratulations! Hopefully that waiver will be forthcoming and an appointment on the way! :thumb:
Happy day! Congrats & good luck.

I suspect a whole bunch of us here share your appreciation for generous help offered so freely by those in the know.
Congratulations to your son, concernedmom. I bet he'll be at Beast this summer. Please let us know what happens.
Thanks for the notes of "Congrats". As for the update, my son checked the DODMERB website last evening, and I heard him say, "YES!!!", which translated to, "Medical Waiver Granted". Thanks again for your support and for sharing your wisdom.
CONGRATS! You're going to look awesome in your new USMA sweatshirt! YAY!!

Fabulous news!! It's been a while waiting for that waiver. Now the fun really starts.