Please know...while an LOA or an LOE is desirable...it is not the only path into USMA. 2018 Firstie did not get either and 2019 Cow did receive an LOA. Just keep doing your best and if you are seeking appointment (not your parents...Lol) this is your journey and contact your RCs for additional advice. They know best.
Does receiving an LOE put me out of the running for an LOA? and are LOAs just for diversity and athletetic candidates?
Receiving an LOA does not guarantee automatic acceptance. One has to be medically qualified by DodMERB, meet CFA requirements, get a nomination, and maintain good academic standing. As a recipient of LOE, you can improve your WCS by improving your SAT/ACT scores, etc.
I would also caution about taking it easy after receiving these letters. You have to still compete for a nomination and have to most likely win a slate if you received an LOE. I have a DD who received an LOE early in 2015 for the class of 2020. She did not get an appointment even though she had a very competitive package. She re-applied and is now a member of the Class of 2021. Many things can happen in the next few months and some of these can be outside the applicant's control.
I second what USMA1994 said. I too have a DD who received LOE early on in process for Class of 2021 and did not get an appointment even though she also had very competitive package. She is currently a West Point sponsored civil prep cadet and will have to continue to prove herself academically and physically while she waits for an appointment to Class of 2022. So, even with these letters keep improving your file because everyone else on your slate is going to be doing everything they can to get closer to top.
Mine came VIA snail mail and I was wondering when yours showed up on your portals after you received them. My nomination boards are not all updated on my status and I'd appreciate some advice. What do I do so that my MOCs get them?