Sep 22, 2017

I just received a Letter of Encouragement to USMA. I received an LOA to USMMA last week. What does this LOE mean? & what do I need to do to continue towards an appointment?

Would love some input. Thanks!
The LOE to West Point is exactly what it says. You are seen as a competitive candidate and they are encouraging you to complete your application. You still need to complete your application, DoDMERB and obtain a nomination.

Your portal will tell you what still needs to be completed and once you get a certain number of green checkmarks on your portal, USMA will schedule your physical.

While it is a positive step, not many go out, it is not a guarantee that you will receive a nomination or an appointment. You will have to compete for the nomination and against others on your nomination slate for an appointment.

My DD received one a few years back and did not get an appointment that year.
LOE is NOT LOA (and fencersmother will be happy if we do not have to discuss LOA'S ad nauseum again this fall). Go Navy, you're smart right? You know the Encouragement is not synonymous with Acceptance or even Appointment. If not, you might want to bone up on some vocabulary for the SAT retake.

Just teasing! Finish your application. Good luck!