Logging In

I read that the USNA PRT packet was delayed until May 15. I'm not worried yet.
i sent in that i was accepting my appointment a few weeks ago...should i have recieved any confirmation about them recieving it or is the logging in packet that??need to know cause today is the deadline
I'm gonna make you guys promise me that any documentation sent in be sent by registered mail so you know it is received on the other end. AND make yourself a copy of ANYTHING sent in. Especially your passport. There will be alot of paper work with the logging in so.......

Promise & sign at the X:

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Logging in instructions should be coming out very soon. Keep checking the main website as they'll post it there as well.

bigmac08 - call & check with admissions today & just ask them if they have received your acceptance so you won't be worried.
has anyone received their logging in packet through the mail yet? I'm also waiting for my award letter...
As of Tuesday at 6pm no packet in North Carolina. Still waiting.:frown:
Logging In Packet

Has anyone receive the packet yet? I downloaded the Class of 2012 Instructions for my daughter and us to review. Wow..a lot of information in so little time!
any tips if it is best that I apply for my TWIC now, before I receive my orders through the mail?
We have a TWIC office in town (Wilmington NC) and have already applied and paid the fee.
Logging In Packet

I called to see when the packet would be sent out and the admin office said around the 15th of May...I think I am more excited than my dd.
NC got the medical forms Saturday and the Logging in packet today (Monday)
Kings Point 7am, here I come.:wink:
DD received her medical forms on Saturday and the Logging In Packet today; unfortunately she did not see them because she is on her senior trip to Disney...what a struggle...reality will set in on July 10!

TWIC appointment was made; Passport is in progress, and medical immunization (filling out the form is the only thing she is hoping will happen) is this week; dental is all squared away!

I am still more excited than she is!
i received a medical form packet, a fingerprint packet, and the logging in book. I'm still waiting on my financial aid. Also, does anyone know what the EPSQ disk is? It's listed on the checklist on the back of the logging in book.
KL218, the EPSQ (electronic personnel security questionnaire) is a computer based software application that you use to generate your security clearance application. Its all done online with downloaded software. The instruction sheet on how to do this will come with the logging in instruction booklet with other paperwork. If you've already received the booklet & do not find the instruction sheet, call admissions to let them know. They can probably fax you a copy or get it to you via snail mail.

Spoke to the Academy and the last page of Logging In should not have mentioned the EPSQ disk. The disk was replaced by the Standard Form 86, which you can find online by following the directions from the Dept. of Naval Science. Also, those directions mention bringing your birth certificate and passport, but the Academy wanted those sent ahead, so the Department of Naval Science will get them from the Academy. If you kept a copy of the birth certificate and passport, bring them with you on July 10, 2008. It will make that part of the day go easier.:thumb: