Looking for Vanderbilt ROTC cadets for ?


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May 15, 2007
My S was considering Vandy as his top choice of ROTC. anyone out there with comments or advice?
Great school, horrible football team, probably couldn't even beat Army. However, they did win a couple of games last year. Surprised everyone.
2 of my classmates in medical school were graduates of Vandy NROTC. Both were more than happy with both their education and ROTC program at Vandy.
Oh you wait until my precious USMA puts the boot to Navy! I'll bet you a taco that we win this year!
A taco? Heck yeah. I'll take that bet and raise you one hershey bar dang it! :yllol:
I am looking forward to helping CAnderson197 eat his taco, hershey bar, and Godiva Ice Cream feast.

Go ARMY.....Sink Navy!

P.S. My cousin's husband was in Army ROTC his four years at Vandy, and branched Aviation. He had a great experience at Vanderbilt in ROTC.
CA ... dreams can be good things even when delusional. :thumb: Toto, is Red Blake still playing @ WP? Somewhere, over that rainbow ...:bang: