Loving a Soldier (the real deal)

J Collins

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Aug 5, 2008
Back when I was a 5 yr old my dad was in Vietnam on his 2nd tour. He would write me letters with 2" font, I still have those letters today up in my attic.. But there was one special one that was actually sent to the families of my dad's unit from his C.O. It was a poem written by a 11 yr old girl, regretfully I have since lost the original but I know I recieved the poem on US Army directions (DOD paperwork) in 1969.

Years ago during Desert Storm, I printed the poem with slight modifications (inserting Marine instead of Soldier), and published it in my monthly newsletter for the wives, family and USMC Generals on Okinawa (always adding that it was written during Vietnam by an 11 yr old daughter of a soldier).

There is an internet now, and I have seen many versions of the poem, with lots of people claiming to have written it or their boyfriends have written it etc..

I thought this might be a nice place to share the original version.. It always makes me cry when I read it, so I don't read it anymore..

Loving A Soldier

Loving a Soldier isn't always what they say,
and loving him is a high price to pay.
It's mostly loving with nothing to hold,
it's being young yet feeling so old.
It's having him whisper his love to you,
it's whispering back you love him too.
To seal this promise of love
Reluctantly, Painfully, letting him go
While you're dying inside from wanting him so
Watching him leave with eyes full of tears,
Standing alone with hopes, dreams and fears.
It's sending a letter with the stamp upside-down,
to a far away lover in a far away town.
It's going to church to kneel and pray,
and really meaning every word you say.
So though you know he's far away,
Just keep on loving him more each day.
Being in love will merit your dreams,
and thoughts of Heaven where love's light gleams.
Days go by and no mail for a spell,
you wait for some word to hear that he's well.
A letter arrives and your heart fills with joy,
you're like a small child with a shiny new toy.
With fingers trembling, heart beating fast,
you read it again from first word to last.
He's doing well and misses you so,
it's filled with the love you wanted to know.
Weeks are now months, months seem like years,
you're waiting for the day you'll have no more fears.
Time passed slowly, but gone very fast,
You're barely aware it's here till it's past
Yes loving a Soldier brings bitterness and tears,
Loneliness, sadness, and despondent years.
Loving a Soldier isn't much fun,
But it's well worth the price when his time is done.
Remember he is thinking of you every day,
He's sad and lonely for being away.
So love him, miss him and cherish your dreams,
and always be proud of Loving your Soldier.
Your right about the tears... Beautiful.
Im reaching out. I was going thru my grandma's items and came across this almost exact poem hand written in cursive. The poem is not signed but was tucked in a book printed in 1945. My grandfather and other family members fought in ww2. I'm looking at these hand written words and they are so similar. I would love to share.