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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by remax331, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Hello all! I recently posted a couple questions regarding my LREC acceptance and how it relates to my school of choice. But now it seems as though once again I can't find the information I need.
    I was wondering if international cultures and relations is an acceptable major? I was reading posts on the forum from previous years where it was acceptable, but looking at the letter of acceptance it says I must major in a country or area and minor in that countries language (or vise versa). Is it no longer acceptable to major in international relations?
    As a side note, when filling out my nrotc application that's the major I had put down.
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    International Relations does not work as a major for LREC. Here is the list of approved LREC majors:

    This isn't to say that you couldn't double major, with say, a cultural/regional area and IR, but IR alone isn't going to cut it (most of our LREC students are double majoring, in fact, and often with IR or PoliSci due to the natural overlap). You may have had IR listed as your intended Tier 3 major on your scholarship application, but the LREC program has different requirements from standard national scholarships.
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