Nov 8, 2019
Experienced parents told us mail has a bigger positive impact on plebes than we could imagine. DW took this to heart and emptied part of the Hallmark store. (small town). At least 5 cards with brief notes a week. Upon arrival from sea term, DD presented DW with an album containing every card. "You can't imagine how important these cards were, knowing something was in that box every day." Rain drops.


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Jun 26, 2019
I am doing a mix of typed letters, hand written notes and I use the mypostcard app to send postcards with pics of dogs, sunsets, our yard, daily innane things he would miss (you can add an envelope in the app so the postcard is private. He has gotten them and added to his picture board. It makes it easy to send a quick note with pictures if I am busy. He has expressed in his letters how meaningful the letters are. They matter more than care packages filled with additional protein, gold bond powder and flavored tic tacs.
The Album idea is so sweet! I am keeping every piece of correspondence we get from him, and numbering them in the order we get them.


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Jun 30, 2009
I always numbered the letters I sent DS so he would know which one to read first if he got multiple letters one day. I also wrote everyday of Basic (usually Phillies scores, something about summer swim team, always a Scripture verse) and he told me he knew whenever they got mail he'd have something which was a huge morale booster. Turns out he saved all of those letters - I had no idea; found them in a box when going through stuff when he was moving to his first duty station! Once the Ac year started I sent a short email each day of his 4/C year. I didn't send one the first day of 3/C year and I promptly got a "mom, is everything okay? I didn't get an email from you" email.