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    Once I attend college next year, I will know for sure that I will attend AFROTC, and with that in mind, I want to ask you guys if this decision is smart. As of right now, I did apply for a scholarship as an Engineering major, but on the interview (which is in a few days) I will tell the interviewer that I will change my major to International Relations, and in that case I know for almost a fact that I won't receive a scholarship.

    But even without the scholarship, if I majored in International Relations, should I minor in physics? I do have some interest, that's why I want to try it out as a minor, but would that be smart both academically and as a cadet also planning to get a UPT Slot , which in that case I would need a high gpa as possible.

    Any suggestions?
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    Don't give up on the scholarship. Our DS is not a tech major and is on scholarship.

    Most college students have minors, if not every college student. Minor in physics if it makes you happy. The problem when you minor in a field that is totally unrelated to your major is the courses req. for the minor MAY mean taking extra courses to fulfill that req. for the minor. Colleges have a system of how many credits you need for a minor, credits for a major and the fill in the square credits mandated (Econ, Psych, Math, etc).

    Our DS is govt and politics major, international relations minor and core concentration military history. He is able to do all of that because many of his courses count for all 3 according to the college. He is also in the Scholars program, plus he interned 20+ hrs a week on the Hill, and was able to maintain a gpa of 3.4+ each semester while being in AFROTC and AAS member. It is doable to carry a load like you are considering. You will have to sacrifice sometimes, but just remember the big picture is worth the small sacrifice.

    For you it is important to ask how many credits are needed for a minor that is polar opposite of your major. Talk to the college admissions on how to plot out your academic career.

    FYI, AFROTC who want UPT/CSO take an additional test besides the AFOQT. It is done at the C300 point. You actually get points for PPL, (flight hours). If you can afford to take lessons over the next 3 yrs, do it because as a non-tech major it can level the playing field for you when you meet the AFSC board.

    Thank you for stepping up to the plate and serving to protect our great nation.

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