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May 24, 2007
I just got an information packet about the CGA in the mail and in it they definately seemed to push majoring in engineering. It said that engineering majors are able to apply for any assignment in the CG. Does this mean that government majors are limited in their assignment choices? Are government majors still able to pursue careers at sea or in aviation?
I know the answer to this is yes. I'll let others go into more detail that I'm not sure of but know that you are not limited in that aspect.
I'm not an exactly an expert on the subject, but my dad was an Ocean Engineering major (not even offered anymore by that name) and he says he has not used it one bit in his entire 23-odd year USCG career. From my limited understanding, your major does not decide your career, but obviously if you wanted to be an engineer on a ship or at an air station you'd probably want to major in engineering :thumb:
Government majors are not limited in their career choices. My son is one along with almost 30% of the corps. Of course the CGA seeks engineers, especially electrical engineers. But don't feel that being a government major will hinder your career. Good luck!
There are no limitations to your assignments coming out of the Academy for your first tour. Government majors may be Engineering Officers in Training (EOITs) and engineering majors may be Deck Watch Officers (DWOs). Engineerings good, however the Commandant stressed the importance of the humanities.