March 11, 2013 AROTC Scholarship Board

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    The final high school scholarship board was scheduled for March 11 - March 13, 2013. Here is a link to the full 2012-2013 board schedule, as compiled by Clarkson.

    It has taken between two and four weeks for previous boards to issue scholarship offers. Some boards issue them in a trickle, while this past January the offers were made in a fusillade that took just a couple of days.

    My theory as an amateur boardwatcher is that they wanted to get the January offers out quickly enough so that the 30 day acceptance deadline would have passed by the March meeting. This would allow them to determine which schools were filled and which one had remaining slots. This approach is limited by the fact that actual and hopeful service academy appointees may have accepted the ROTC scholarship offers as a backup which they may forego.

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