March 25th - 27th CVW

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    Our son is scheduled for the late-Match CVW. He has received the email and letter that he is scheduled for that CVW, but nothing since then. Will he be getting anything else, either email or regular mail, with more explicit directions/instructions as to what to do, when and where?
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    If I recall, the invitation letter is all we got.

    The Feb CVW went like this: bring the letter and photo ID on Thursday evening. The guard will direct you where to park for Mitscher Hall. You'll mull around for a while then find seats in the auditorium. You'll get the schedule of events after your S checks in.

    Hope your weather is better than ours.
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    agree with osdad. Your CVW confirmation letter is all you need. Just show up on time and you are good to go. If concerned, contact admissions to insure everything is in place.

    Bring cookies or something for your host!
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    Also, sleeping bag, pillow, some extra $$ to shop at MID store (son loved MID store) You, Hubby/wife can have a nice dinner in Annapolis...McGarvey's is famous for their burgers, it is just behind the Naval Academy Gates...also, Middelton is very HISTORIC...kind of neat place for a quick bite...have fun!!:thumb:
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    If you do a search, someone posted the official schedule for the CVW on was spot on! DD went in Feb. It was slightly awkward when we arrived because there was no "greeter" and LOTS of kids and parents quietly milling about...but it "got under way" on time, in the auditorium. There was a brief presentation, a helpful question and answer period, then parents were excused. We were there from 5:30-about 7ish.

    Here is what I remember of the schedule:
    Thursday: check in
    9-10 Parents asked questions to a panel of midshipmen (VERY HELPFUL)
    10-11 Parents ask question to parent panel (just 2 local moms were there)
    Tour of the yard, break for lunch, then tour of Engineering facilities ( not sure on times)

    Can recommend LOEWS or the Westin on West Street. Both are a stretch of the legs or very short drive.

    If you get good weather walk along "ego alley" in downtown Annap. Have breakfast at Chick and Ruth's which is right up Main Street. Mangias is a decently priced little place right next to ego alley on Main Street. If the weather is good go to Pussers in the Marriot and sit on the dock for lunch or dinner.

    DD called early Sat. Her mid. got liberty as soon as DD was gone, so we ran over to get her. I saw lots of candidates getting picked up then (9ish) but i think some stayed until 11ish.

    DD had a GREAT experience!

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