Marijuana experimentation-is 4 times too many?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by USAFA2018, Apr 4, 2014.

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    I posted this question in a thread but haven't gotten any answers. I have been appointed to USNA, and was wondering if the fact that I've used marijuana 4 times 3 years ago will affect the chances of me getting a security clearance and keeping my appointment. I am pretty sure this would be alright if I enlisted, but are the rules for officers much more strict? Any info/insight would be much appreciated.
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    This is more of a USNA question than a DoDMERB since now you are inquiring about TS which has nothing to do with DoDMERB.

    Honestly, IMPO every branch has a magic number for experimental compared to not experimental. Hence, ask this on USNA.

    That being said, what trips people up is the number changing years later.

    Are you saying if 3 is the magic number, you will now shade it from 4 to your original 2? If so, doesn't that go against the honor code?

    I will say that of you look in the bowels of ROTC forum, there was a cadet dis-enrolled as a junior because he changed his number 2 years later from 2 to 3, and that is how AFROTC saw it. I have also read posts where 2 is the magic number because they see it as experimental, and I have read threads where there were some that did it 10 times. Hence, I think it is the branch and being honest.
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