Marine Corps Shows Off Drone Helicopter for Cargo Ops


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Oct 15, 2017

This is outstanding, because there is no way you could get me on a UH-1 unless you held a gun to my head. :biggrin: 13 Dec 2017 By Matthew Cox
QUANTICO, Va. -- The Marine Corps on Wednesday hosted the final demonstration of a new type of autonomous aircraft technology that could radically transform how the U.S. military resupplies combat units.

A team of officials from Aurora Flight Sciences, a subsidiary of Boeing Co., demonstrated the company's Autonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility System, or AACUS -- a special package of hardware and software combined into an autonomous kit capable of being mounted on multiple airframes.

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Sorry. Not a fan of the UH-1. If you ask 10 people who have flown in one and ask them if they have ever been in a crash, 8 of them will raise their hand.

Me: "Did you know that there's hydraulic fluid leaking back here?"
Pilot: "Oh, that's normal"
Me: "It is?"
Pilot: "Yeah, don't worry about it."
Pilot: "Let me know if it stops, though"
Me: "Uh, why?"
Pilot: "Because that means we're out!"
OK just a few questions for the FAQ section of that Drone Helicopter.

Can it Autorotate if there is an equipment failure?
Can it avoid ground fire?
Is it flown simply by GPS or is there a drone operator on the other end?
Can it shoot back if shot at?
And who's going to tell the operating system that it's out of hydraulic fluid? Couldn't resist.