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    So I was just wondering if anyone can give me some insights on my chances for the NROTC Marine Option Scholarship.

    Basic INFO:
    -Freshman-University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (less than 30hrs)
    -African American
    -Dad is SIGINT Officer (been in for 24 years)

    Education/Test Scores:
    High School: 28/334, 3.675 GPA unweighted (lots of APs..)
    College: GPA 3.5-3.675, Double Major: Peace, War, and Defense w/focus in National and International Security and Global Studies
    SAT: 1170 ACT:26

    Activities and Employment
    High School:
    -4 years of Varsity Cheerleading (lettered each year) 2 years as Captain
    -Competitive Cheerleading
    -President of my 12th man club
    -HOSA Member
    -Op-ed writer for local newspaper and hs newspaper
    -3 years of National Society of High School Scholars
    -NCA All-American Cheerleader award 2 years
    -CTE award (local award) 1 year
    -My Town Essay Contest 1 year
    -2 years of NHS
    -The mayor of my city asked me to head and create a Junior City Council
    -Volunteered at local hospital 2 years
    -Worked part-time at local restaurant for 3 years

    -UNC All Girl Competitive Team
    -Cheer Carolina Open Coed Level 6 team
    -UNC Student Exec. Branch First Year Focus Council (compromised of 15 members from the 4000 freshman class)
    -MATO committee member
    -Assistant to SBP
    -Young Democrats member
    -volunteered for local campaign offices

    PFT: 100 crunces, 75 second flex arm hang, 23min mile....288

    VERY STRONG ESSAYS and References

    Responses please :)!! Thanks
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    I hope one of the focuses of your essay was what your jr. council did/accomplished. I'd say you had a real good shot except for the SAT/ACT scores. Any chance you can bring them up? I don't think the board meets until Feb. so I expect there is time. I doubt (not saying its impossible) that the SAT/ACT scores will get you what you want.

    Also, if you don't get a scholarship, are you considering joining as a college programmer next year? It would give you a chance to apply for a sideload scholarship in the spring or get approved for the Advanced Course and get the stipend.

    Good luck. You're going to a great school just down the road from me.

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