Marine Reserve or Army Reserve?


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May 11, 2017
I am currently a senior in highschool deciding what to do, as i am 100% certain i want to go to the military. I believe both branches are the best for me, but i want to go in as an officer in the long run. Ever since i was a kid i dreamed of joining the military in some way. Personality wise i am very serious and cool-headed, but introverted and skinny as a whole. I am very driven as long as it is something im interested in. The only two branches/MOS im interested in is being an intelligence officer or infantry officer.

I have 2 plans

Plan 1:Enlist in Army Reserves and stay in florida with my family to do ROTC, so i can later on comission as an army officer.

Plan 2:Enlist in the marine corps reserves at the age of 17, and intend to do my 4 year while trying to get a bachelors degree, and afterwards go for Navy OCS.

i went to the marine corps recruiting office,and they really had this atmosphere and attitude that really got me terrified but excited. i really do want a high authoritative position in life and be with my family.

in the military, is it shameful to go from one branch to another? i want marines for self-development and to serve my country, while army seems much better in terms of promotions and benefits.anyone with knowledge on this matter what do you recommend?
First, once you sign with a service, you're stuck with that service until your obligation is completed.
Next, why no NROTC as a Marine Option for Plan 2?
Third, you really need to be willing to serve in any role as an officer. You may not get MI or Infantry in either service. Not sure about enlisting in the reserves on that score though.
Fourth, Why not just do one of the ROTC programs instead of enlisting in the Reserves? I suppose there may be financial reasons, but you would be subject to being called up during your college years, especially of you are not in an ROTC program.
Finally, there is really no difference between promotions sand benefits between the Corps and Army. They are the same for every officer across the services.

Hope this is helpful