Marsop (?????) Tryouts ?


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Aug 10, 2016
When my USNA Navy plebe called a few days ago, he was all excited about something called marsop and he wanted to try out for it? What is it? He said it had to do with the Marine Corps. Could someone please explain exactly what marsop is? At least it sounded like he was saying marsop. Thank you.


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Mar 14, 2014
@NavyHoops says:
"It is a training screener for Mids so they can do summer training with MARSOC units. It is the model they use for the Mini-Buds screener. USNA has only so many slots for summer training for these schools and they want to ensure we send the best. So they hold screeners to compete. They usually consist of a PT test, tons and tons of PT, high stress environments, more PT, no sleep, generally run 24-48 hours long, more PT, usually if done in the winter then it involves cold. It tends to be cold, wet, and very tiring. Some will drop out of it. Last I checked they do screeners for MARSOT, Mini Buds, Dive School and I heard they might do them for EOD/Diving Summer Cruises. They are generally run with a cadre of officers and senior enlisted from their respective warfare communities."

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May 23, 2011
MARSOT doesn't really have anything to do with MARSOC other than being related to USMC selection. MARSOT screener is for MAGTF as 2/C or 3/C, Airborne, Air Assault, USMA CFT, USMA CLDT, Army Mountain Warfare, and USMC Mountain Warfare. It is possible to be assigned to a MARSOC Battalion for MAGTF, but it is by no means assured or even offered from year to year. The MARSOT training opportunities are a recruitment tool for USMC selection. They do not count as a fleet cruise (and MAGTF before 1/C year will not count as a replacement for Leatherneck). Last I checked the MARSOT screener ran from early morning to early afternoon on a Saturday, maybe 7 to 8 hours total. Not comparable to the EOD/SEAL screener, but significantly more intense than Sea Trials.

EOD familiarization training is separate from the 1/C EOD cruise and is offered for 2/C and 3/C. Dive school is a new opportunity for this past summer (or at least had not been offered for the years I'd been at USNA) and was offered to early submarine selects as a recruitment tool. As far as I know selection for those was based on a PST and OOM.

Run a Google search for a PowerPoint titled "2016 Approved PTEs". It is the most recent summer training brief for last summer, given to underclassmen at winter reform.
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