1. L

    Question about PLC

    I know that this is unlikely, but is it possible for a person to already be enlisted in the military, and go through PLC? Let's say someone is working on their degree stateside and is able to take enough leave to enroll in the 6 week training routines in the summer. Is this allowed...
  2. P

    Marine Corps Emblem

    Is it disrespectful to wear a lapel including both the Marine Corps emblem and the American flag to a nomination interview for USNA if I am not yet a Marine? (Plan to branch Marines if appointed to USNA otherwise NROTC Marine option)
  3. F

    Initial PFT

    Howdy y’all I know that to activate the Marine option scholarship at the start of freshman year we must pass a PFT. Does it need to be a 1st class score?
  4. P

    Trouble emailing NROTC recruiter

    I have been having trouble emailing with my recruiter. My recruiter stated that an email would be sent along with many attachments and due to the content included in the email it often gets placed in a persons spam or trash folders. He recommended that I decrease my security settings on my email...
  5. M

    Blood Pinning

    I would like to be an Infantry Officer or Aviation Officer in the marines but one thing I’m still confused about is blood pinning. Does it still happen and if it does can I opt out after the official ceremony?
  6. S

    Your Mid and Their Blood Type.....

    Just a heads up- when your mid reaches the summer before their firstie year, they are asked what their blood type is on one of the forms they fill out for Leatherneck. That the mid is filling out at 5 a.m. East Coast time on their way to Leatherneck. And you, as a parent, have no clue what...
  7. S

    Devil Pups

    I attended a Marine Corps leadership program in Camp Pendleton last summer which was a life changing experience for me which initially interested me in serving and the Naval Academy. The program is not well known at all which worries me because I am afraid the admissions board will just write it...
  8. P

    Marine ROTC and AF ROTC

    I am interested in the scholarship for either marine or air force rotc, since that is what I'd like to do in college. However, I am also seriously considering enlisting in the Marines first before I go to college, unless I get the scholarship. I want to get a general idea where I stand, and...
  9. FutureMarine07

    USNA Marines

    Less Broad Questions: Are there any extracurriculars that would help for USNA training/NROTC/PLC/OCS? Or Marine Corps enlistment? If I don't get into USNA, should I enlist, do college part time with reserve duty, or go NROTC/PLC/OCS? Does Duke or NC State have good NROTC programs? If not...
  10. FutureMarine07

    Advice for a Wannabe Marine

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody has any advise for someone interested in USNA who also wants to be a Marine.
  11. M


    Hey I'm in high school and want to choose a jet pilot as a career path in the military, and I'm not sure whether to choose AFROTC or NROTC in college.If I want to get a pilot slot will it be more likely in the Air Force or the navy/Marines. Since I heard that the Air Force is getting more drone...
  12. B

    NROTC- Marine Option PFT Score

    I have been told by my recruiter that anything below a 275 is pretty much uncompetitive and a 290 is still incredibly worse than the perfect 300. I used to be higher, but as of right now, I am at a 200-215. Is this too low? Also, is this PFT too low for PLC too?
  13. B

    Marine PLC without enlisting?

    I am applying to the NROTC Marine Option Scholarship, but I do not know if I am all that competitive. My recruiter was always talking about enlisting and then going to PLC during college. I am all for that option, except I do not want to miss school. I would be missing my first semester at...
  14. N

    Navy officer rates, vs other branches

    Hi everyone, I interested in a few careers in several branches. I am looking at navy officer rates Intel, IP, Cryptology, and Cyber Warfare. I am planning on studying CS or Info security, but am not sure which degree would be best for these rates; I am also not sure what the difference is...
  15. T

    Chances of acceptance into NROTC Marine Option

    Hello all, I am a rising Junior in high school and am currently striving to obtain an NROTC scholarship in the Marine option. I'll just cut right to the chase. Academics: GPA: 4.11 weighted (only one B in AP World, 2nd semester) PSAT: 1340 ACT: Preparing; not taken yet Currently considered...
  16. U

    NROTC as a Junior?

    Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, I was wondering if I may be eligible to join the Navy ROTC Program with approximately 55 credits? Thing is, I am pursuing a 6 year J.D. Program. So, I still have more than 2 years remaining. I heard of people getting contracted in Air Force ROTC, where they're...
  17. J

    NROTC Marine Option Shoulder Surgery Waiver

    I am applying for the NROTC MO scholarship and I plan on earning a commission as a Marine officer after I graduate. Only problem is that I have dislocated my shoulder about 4 times and my doctors are telling me that I need surgery to stabilize it. THERE ARE NO TEARS IN THE MUSCLES OR LIGAMENTS...
  18. J

    NROTC Marine Option or AROTC?

    First, some information about me: I am a high school Junior, Male, and an athelete (lacrosse). I am in good shape and I generally get good grades (mostly Bs and some As.) I havent taken my ACT yet, so I cant provide that. Current Cumulative GPA is 2.8 (yikes, I'm currently getting a 3.8 gpa this...
  19. S

    Marsop (?????) Tryouts ?

    When my USNA Navy plebe called a few days ago, he was all excited about something called marsop and he wanted to try out for it? What is it? He said it had to do with the Marine Corps. Could someone please explain exactly what marsop is? At least it sounded like he was saying marsop. Thank you.
  20. ktnatalk

    Current policy on Graduation Studies for those elect to become Marines

    This was sent to all Mids by the Brigade Academic and Assistant Operations Officer regarding U.S. Marine Corps graduate education policy this month: Below are some frequently asked questions on USMC Graduate Education. Hopefully these clear up any issues. Are Marine selects allowed to...