Martial Arts -- Treatment in Athletics?

Bill P

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Jun 12, 2016
DS has been dreaming USNA since 7th grade NESA overnight at USNA. Application in, attended NASS and a CVW, self-expressed "calling" to Naval Service. DS did not play a school sport. However, is a black belt in TaeKwonDo, Captain of Sparring Team and 2 time state champ in sparring. I appreciate that the Admissions process is a bit of a black box. Does anyone have information if the above will get consideration of equivalence to a Varsity sport? DS has above average scores on all CFA and max or near max on 4 of 6 CFA events. Thank you to all who contribute to this forum. For us newbies it is a tremendous source of information. DS finds January a loooong way off but will be checking the mailbox daily from then. Good luck to all.
First, sounds like your DS is doing really well in his activities. Congrats to him.

Assuming "sparring" means boxing, that plus the black belt plus great scores on the CFA should be okay. Be sure he does well on the CFA run. The concern with martial arts is that it doesn't necessarily require the physical skills that are necessary to succeed at USNA -- running and upper body strength. This makes the CFA is really important. Would also highlight to the BGO "team" activities in which he participates -- clubs, scouting, job, etc.