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    My sophomore year was the worst. I took Honors Biology and Honors Geometry and I did not get good grades. For biology I got a B and Geometry I got a B-. I have to admit biology and geometry was hard and the teachers of those subjects were hard teachers. I might do better in Honirs Chemistry and Honors Algebra 2. But my overall GPA from freshmen to sophomore year is a 3.585. With three honors classes and more to be taken for junior and senior year. My question is: What will happen if the Academy sees these grades in Biology and Geometry?what happens when they see that I struggle in science and math in classes like these? I guess that lowers my chances of getting in the Academy.

    Both classes are the hardest I have ever taken. I worked really hard to get those grades. It's only those two classes that lowered my GPA. The rest are fine I got all A's on the rest of my four remaining classes

    Thanks please help
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    The academy makes the school send them a school profile for various reasons. Such as:

    1. Determine what the most difficult classes available at your school are.
    2. Determine if you are taking the most difficult and/or challenging classes available
    3. Determine what state/district requirement you have as a student, so the academy knows what you are able to take compared to what you must take
    4. Be able to compare you classes/grades to others from different schools/districts/states.

    Now; as has been mentioned numerous times, the air force academy is by nature an "Engineering School". One of the best in the country. EVERY STUDENT/Cadet, whether they are a history major, engineering major, behavioral science major, or english major; WILL TAKE ENGINEERING CLASSES. I believe there are 3 engineering classes that all students take. As such, that is why Science and Math are very important to them.

    Now; does a lower math/science, and thus gpa affect your chances of getting into the academy? Partially. I say that, because your GPA isn't the only part of the equation. If your school has AP and/or IB classes, then honors is cool, but you obviously didn't take the most challenging classes available. That will affect your application score. Also; how do you do on your ACT/SAT. If you nail the ACT and get a 36 in the math portion; then you will definitely offset a "B" or "B-" in a science class in high school. Your application has many facets that it is scored on. It's not just one area. You need to be taking math and science classes EVERY YEAR in high school. And they need to be the most challenging classes your school has available. And you need to do well on the SAT/ACT tests. But there are plenty of people who have a 3.5-3.6gpa who made it into the academy. They did it with the course difficulty; their ACT/SAT; school profile; class rank; etc... Best of luck. Mike....

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