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    Who goes on to get there MBA?
    Are these people who stay in or only for grads that are getting out/already separated?
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    Plenty of people in have MBAs.

    MBAs are described as the most useful master's degrees. They may very well be, I don't have one. I know of a number of officers who either used the military to get an MBA or got an MBA on their own.

    There are also MANY MBA programs out there, and current business students seem to believe its getting a little saturated.

    So when things are saturated... the school matters more. Of course, you have your Whartons and Harvards, but there are many other schools that offer MBAs, including schools near your base.

    And then there's the option of getting your MBA once you get out.

    What do you want to do with your future MBA?
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    It varies.

    For example hornet is in CA, getting his Ph.D straight out of the AFA(2010), he will be at pilot training this fall. Eagle got his Masters straight out of the AFA too. There is a poster on the ROTC forum, their DS is going straight to Wright Pat for AFIT (grad school)

    LITS got his this past weekend, after he got out, but started while he was in the CG.

    Bullet got his as an O3, using TA. It extends your commitment time. In the AF you will probably not find an O5 without a grad degree.

    Your moniker to me says you are not thinking about the AF, but Navy, Marines or Army.

    The question is why you want an MBA?

    The fact is your leadership skills from a management POV, and intricate knowledge in the defense world, will make you more competitive to certain companies/organizations than your peers that did 2 yrs more getting the grad degree from a top knot college with no knowledge. Think SAIC, Booze Allen, L3 Comm, Raytheon, Rand, TI, Lockheed, Grumman, Pratt and Whitney, GE defense, etc. That is before you even look at GS jobs.

    xposted with LITS.

    Notice the common response...why/what you want with an MBA?
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    Mt father has an MBA and many of my friends do as well. IMO the market for them is far too saturated but they are considered one of the quickest and easiest master's degrees to get. Many many online universities and traditional colleges offer an MBA degree.

    Personally if I was going to get a masters in business I would lean towards a master in business finance or accounting to make yourself more marketable.

    As LITS said MBAs are so common it comes down to where you got yours from. A family friend is an old USNA grad who got his MBA (or finance cant remember) from Harvard on the governments dime and he is now making $250k for a major defense contractor.
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    These days, an MBA has a shelf life of about 2-3 years for getting the next promotion or landing that next level of job outside of your current employer.

    There are government positions where having any masters is a requirement, but that is just a gate-keeper type of item for HR to screen out too junior of applicants.

    The MBA right after BS/BA is often not as valuable as the one achieved after an initial work assignment.

    And as everyone above mentioned, quality of institution is becoming a critical factor.

    As a degree to enhance your OML for O5 and above, it is as good as any other masters. If that is your academic interest, then go for it.

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